Women in Engineering - Book 8 cover

eBook: Women in Engineering - Book 8: The Art of Self-Empowerment—Becoming Your Own Best Friend

BY Punam Nagpal

Many women technology professionals share the problem of maintaining healthy priorities between their careers and their health/leisure/family/spiritual lives. Join Nagpal in her personal and career path journey, as she offers her experiences and insights to achieve the work-life balance that has assisted her in her career and personal successes.

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27 Jan 2016

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Ozden Karakok
Punam, thanks for sharing your inspirational story with all of us very openly. As John Schaar says: “The future is not some place we are going, but one we are creating. The paths are not to be found, but made. And the activity of making them changes both the maker and the destination.” Clearly we are the master of our lives!
Posted on 5/28/15 4:40 PM.
Pooja Parkash
Thanks for sharing your honest and truthful experiences with us. Being Indian myself and after reading your autobiography, I can clearly say that you are a very bold, hardworking and a determined woman. Yes, everybody faces problems while handling multiple dimensions -- work, life, and social aspects -- but the true winners are those who can face the issues and handle them carefully and move forward, after learning important lessons from their own mistakes. You truly are the deserving winner!! Thanks for inspiring all of us and articulating your learning in a clear and an honest manner.
Posted on 8/28/15 11:28 PM.
Dena Madhwani
Punam, Yesterday I got chance to read your book. You have written it with very simplicity, honesty and deepness. Great book. Loved this sentence “None of us know when our last moment will be, so we must live our lives fully.” One again thanks for sharing it.
Posted on 8/31/15 1:31 PM.
Anu Mercian
It has been my extreme pleasure to have met with Punam ma'am. She was an inspiration from the beginning. I am really happy that she was able to share her inspiring life with all of us. For a person like me, who is just starting my career, it is the wisdom that we receive from our elders that helps us in our life's challenges and this autobiography caters to it. The book is a truthful narration with many inspiring lessons along the way. A great read for all type of readers.
Posted on 9/3/15 1:10 PM.
Satyapriya Sharma
Thanks Punam for Sharing the Story !
Very inspirational
I thought I was the only one having issues adjusting to new baby, Work (new role as a manager) and at the home front …..
Thanks for the happiness index series as well – I have watched the first episode and it makes sense 
Posted on 9/3/15 3:35 PM.
Sanjay Khosla
Punam Behn
Your one of the few women that talk the talk and walk the talk
Thank you for sharing your experience with me
Posted on 9/4/15 10:07 AM.
Justyna Charubin
Punam, thank you for the amazing story! And thank you for being such a great, hardworking and inspirational person!
Posted on 9/7/15 9:11 AM.
Fang Wang
I love your book. It is easy to be undertood and closed to my life. I prefer this sentence: "Have a dream and follow it through. Remind yourself from time to time that you can
achieve anything you want." Thanks for your sharing.
Posted on 9/10/15 1:20 AM.
Vipin Nagpal
Hi Punam, your story is very inspiring. I always give your example to others about your success story. I am also motivated by your story. You have seen many ups and downs but ultimately you have emerged as winner. You have shown lot of strength in difficult time. I wish best of luck for rest of your life.
Posted on 10/14/15 5:17 PM.
Tamanna Kakkar
I got the chance to read this book of yours. It is very inspiring and motivating. I am also a student of Banasthali University pursuing my Bachelors in Engineering. There are some instances with which I could relate well. One thing that I learned from it is to never lose hope and keep striving for success.
Thank you for such an inspiration. I see you as my role model.
Posted on 10/14/15 5:18 PM.
Varsha Kanwar
Punam, you are an inspiration. Thank you for sharing your life of courage & compassion with us.
Posted on 10/8/15 2:16 PM.
Jasmin Jose
Loved reading this book. I could relate to many of the situations. Motivational read indeed!
Posted on 10/15/15 4:46 PM.
Vipin Jain

Thanks for sharing your experience with us. It is an excellent book and highly recommend it for all readers.
Posted on 10/21/15 7:45 PM.