eBook: WISE - Energy Storage Technologies: Transforming America's Intelligent Electrical Infrastructure

BY Cotterman, T.

U.S. supplies of nonrenewable energy resources (e.g. coal, oil, and natural gas) are quickly decreasing, and a resulting climate change due to carbon emissions is affecting the world's natural conditions. Shifting our dependence to renewable energy systems, reinventing our lifestyles and technologies to be more efficient, and improving and strengthening our energy infrastructure are all essential steps to avoid a globally-scaled energy crisis. In this e-book, author Tuner Cotterman provides a review of the gains afforded by the various storage technologies currently available, and recommends a strategy for effective growth in terms of energy infrastructure development and implementation of storage systems through public and private partnerships. Federal and state governments can play a pivotal role in applying legislative frameworks, streamlining regulatory requirements, and incentivizing continued investment. Private industry must invest in storage technologies and the grid infrastructure to remain competitive in a global marketplace. Additionally, through increased public awareness, American consumers will see benefits in terms of energy security, energy conservation, and clean energy developments.

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